A Short Confession

The penitent, in some churches, turns and bows to the congregation as a sign that he/she is at peace with his/her brothers and sisters in Christ. The penitent approaches the place where confessions are customarily heard then kisses the Gospel and the the Cross.Then he/she stands with bowed head with his/her arms by his/her sides

Priest: Let us pray to the Lord.

Pentitent: Lord have mercy.

Priest: O God, our Saviour, Who by Thy Prophet Nathan did grant remission of his sins to the repentent David, and did accept the penitent prayer of Manasseh: do Thou Thyself, in Thy customary love for mankind, accept this, Thy servant / handmaid N. who repents of the sins he/she has committed, overlooking all that he/she has done, forgiving him/her unrighteousness, and overlooking his / her transgressions.

For Thou, O Lord, has said: “I desire not the death of a sinner, but that he turn from his way and live”  and that sins shall be forgiven even unto seventy times seven, for as Thy majesty is immeasurable, so is Thy mercy beyond compare. For if Thou should mark iniquities, who shall stand? For Thou art the God of those who repent and unto Thee do we send up glory: + to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen

Priest: Let us pray to the Lord.

Penitent: Lord have mercy.

*Priest: Behold my child, Christ stands here invisibly and recieves your confession. Therefore be not  ashamed, neither be afraid, and conseal nothing from me but tell me all the things that you have done, so that you may receive forgiveness from our Lord Jesus Christ. Behold, His holy image is before us and I am but a witness, bearing testimony before Him of all that you shall say unto me. But if you conceal anything from me, you shall have the greater sin. Take heed therefore, that having come to the physician, you depart unhealed.

Penitent: I confess to God, My Lord, and before you honourable Father, all my numerous transgressions, which I have committed up until this hour by deed, by word, by thought. Every day and every hour I commit a sin of ingratitude to God for His great and numerous blessings to me and His all merciful care for me, a sinner.

The Penitent may say some or all of these … I have committed the sin of: - gossiping, condemnation, disobedience, pride, unmerciful behaviour, envy, anger, slander, thoughtlessness, negligence, carelessness, unconcern, impertinence, irritability,  depression, repaying evil with evil, bitterness, grumbling, self-justifying,  contradiction, arbitory behaviour, wilfulness, reproaching, scandal talking, lying, laughing, temptation, haughtiness, ambition, gluttony, over indulgence in food and drink, vanity, laziness, acceptance of impure thoughts, excessive sleep, impure outlook, missing the service of God because of laziness and carelessness, inattention at the prayer in the church and at home by deed, by word, by thought,, by the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and my other senses, both spiritual and bodily and I repent all my transgressions and ask for forgiveness.

The Priest may question the penitent and / or the penitent may open his/ her heart unto the Lord.

Penitent: I also repent and ask forgiveness for everything that I did not confess because of forgetfulness or lack of understanding. Forgive and relieve me, honourable Father, and bless me to join the Holy and Life-Giving Mysteries of Jesus Christ, to leave behind my sins and enter the eternal life.

Then the priest lays his epitrakil upon the head of the penitent saying:

Priest:  Reconcile and unite this Thy child to Thy Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom with Thee are due dominion and majesty,  + now and ever and unto the ages of ages.

Penitent: Amen

*The Penitent normally remains standing with bowed head, though some kneel. Finally the priest, while saying the absolution, signs the penitent with the sign of the Cross.

Priest: May our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ, by the grace and compassion and love for mankind, forgive you, my child N. all your transgressions,+,  and I, His unworthy priest N. through the power vested in me, forgive and absolve you + of all your sins; in the Name of the Father + and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Penitent: Amen

*The penitent then kisses the Gospel Book and the Cross and takes a blessing from the Priest.

* If pressured for time, these prayers are compulsory. Vladika Mark likes to use the Prophet Laban prayer if possible. The priest only says the “Behold my child…” prayer once as he begins to hear a number of confessions, Some say this outloud facing the people then the penitents approach. Others say the prayer each time.


Краткая исповедь пред Духовником


Иеповедаю Господу Богу моему и пред тобою, отче честнный, все мои бесчисленные прегрешения, которые я сотворил (а) до настоящего дня и часа: делом, словом, помышлением. Ежедневно и ежечасно согрешаю неблагодарностью к Богу за Его великие и бесчицленные мне блогодеяния и всеблагое промышление о мне грешном (ой).


Согрешил(а): празднословием, осуждением, нонокорством, гордостью, немилосердием, завистью, гневом. оклеветаннем, непадением, небрежением, беспечностью, паздражительностью, унынием, воздаянием зла за зло, ожесточением, преслышанием, ронтанием, самооправданием, прекословием, самочинием, своеволием, укорением, злоречием, ложью, смехом, соблазном, самолюбием, честолюбнем, чревоугодием, излишеством в пище и питье, тщеславием, леностью, принятием нечистых помыслов, многоспанием, нечистым воззрением, опущением службы Божьей по лености и небпежению, рассеяностью на молитве церковной и домашней делом, слобом, помышлением, зрением, слухом, обонянием, вкусам, осязанием и прочими моими чувствами душевными и телецными, во бсех миих соргешениях каюсь и прошу прощения.


Здесь нужно сказть и иные грехи, есле имеешь что лидо особенное на душе.


Еще каюсб и прошу прощения во всем том, что по неразумию не исповдл(а),


Прости и разреши мя, отче честиый, и благослови приобщнться Святых и Животворящих Христовых Тайн во оставление грехов и жизнь вечную.